All About Pitching Wedges

What is the point of a pitching wedge? Do you need one? Tell me more! Well I must say now that mastering my pitching wedge was one of the best things I have done for my golf game!! My short game has improved immensely and I have my pitching wedge to thank! If you are looking for a set of lady golf clubs then I recommend reading the reviews at Golf Accessories Reviews, they are many to choose from so be sure to check out the detailed post.

What is a Pitching Wedge?

A pitching wedge is one of the lower lofted wedges you can get. This means you can hit the ball pretty far with a pitching wedge. Something you all want to hear right? A Pitching Wedge or PW as it will be marked on your club is what I consider a key iron and something that all golfers need in their bag.

The loft of a pitching wedge is pretty close to 50 degrees but can be anywhere for 42 degrees and up. This lets the user get under it and have it travel high and far.

When do you Use a Pitching Wedge?

A pitching wedge should be used when you are 80 yards to 130 yards away from the hole. If you know how far your full swing can hit then you will know which iron you need to play. You can either play a shot with a full swing, 3/4 swing, half swing or just a tiny hit but either way this is a very versatile club. Hence why it’s one of my favourites.

There is meant to be next to no roll after the ball makes impact with the ground. Using a pitching wedge is also known as chipping a shot because it does exactly that when connecting properly.

Pitching wedges tend to have zero and 10 degrees of bounce.

Characteristics of a Pitching Wedge?

Interestingly the Pitching wedge used to be numbered as a 10 iron or a high lofted iron. Because of this when you purchase a golf set you can expect it to come with a pitching wedge although many don’t include wedges. Great news for the wallet.

How to Use a Pitching Wedge?

Make sure you have the right grip on your club. Position the ball in between your feet with your sternum just behind the ball. Many professional players will play a pitching wedge on their back foot but as a beginner middle of the stance is fine. That is where you will play your other iron shots so keep it there until you progress rapidly! You want to make sure you hit the ground just before you hit the ball so make sure your practice shot nicks the ground. Then depending on how far you have to hit it adjust your back swing accordingly. Like always focus on the ball and keep your body still. Once you have taken the shot be sure to follow through to avoid any injury.

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Pitching wedges are easily my favorite iron to play and are a club that I recommend every golf needs to learn to master. Your short game will improve A LOT if you have complete control and accuracy over your pitching wedge.

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