Best Golf Balls – How to Choose the Right Ones For your Game?

Your golf game can improve significantly when you choose the right type of golf ball for your game. You should pick golf balls depending on what you wish to improve, whether your distance or control. It is important to practice with quite a few kinds of golf balls to find out which ones give you the best experience. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best balls for your golf game.

Choose those with ionomer covers

Ionomer covers happen to be covers made of plastic. Once you hit Ionomer-covered balls with a golf club, you find them absorbing the golf club’s energy and not spinning. This can offer higher control to your balls while flying through the air.

Go for a multilayer ball

These kinds of balls can limit the spinning of golf balls. Multilayer balls are the best for drives that should exactly go in the preferred direction. Go for a 3 piece ball, which let the energy be transferred from one layer to another – letting the ball fly farther. These can also roll longer, covering more distance on the ground after travelling longer in the air.

Select the best compression rating

Pick balls that come with a compression rating of 80. When you are close to greens, you would like to have your balls get more spin. Balls with higher amount of spin are perfect for regulating short golf drives. These can frequently cause golf balls not to roll away but to stick to greens instead. Such balls are also perfect for golfers who frequently drive their golf balls at a distance lower than 240 yards.

Choose balls of the right price

Go for cheap balls in case you are a beginner. You will end up losing many balls in the initial stages. You will waste a lot of money when you buy mid-range or costly balls. It is better to opt for balls that are priced 10 – 20 USD per dozen. Do not buy recycled balls that are generally sourced from driving ranges. These are typically of an inferior quality and can have a negative impact on your game. If you happen to be an average golfer, choose balls in the mid-range segment of 25 – 35 USD per dozen. Usually, these offer a decent combination of distance and control for average golfers. Expensive balls, which come in generally 35USD per dozen, are for regular golfers.


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