Learn About Your Irons!

Irons!! These clubs basically make or break your golf game unless you can drive all the way to the green! Something most of us could only dream of! So this post will explore a few things – What are Irons? What do the numbers mean? What are they made of? When do you know which one to use?

What Irons Are Best?

If you are deciding on an iron set I strongly suggest reading the Best Irons for Beginners as reviewed by Daniel at Golf Accessories Reviews. He has also provided a really thorough individual review of both Ping Rapture Irons and TaylorMade Speedblades so if you are deciding between these two iron sets read up about both before making your purchase!

What Are Irons

An Iron is the name of the clubs that you use to play the ball after you have used your driver but you are still some distance away from the green. They are the most common and most used (arguably) clubs so it pays to understand them and learn to use them! Wedges including sand wedges and pitching wedges are actually considered irons too.

What is the Numbering of Irons?

You have probably already notice that you irons are labelled from 0 through to 12. The most common irons are between 3 – 9. A complete set won’t have this many irons but there are indeed that many to choose from.

The higher the number the higher the loft. So taking this into consideration the closer you are to the green the higher numbered iron you would use.

Long irons

These are the irons numbered between 2 and 4 and have the longest shaft and lowest loft. These irons are designed to give you the distance you may not have got from the tee and get your closer to the green with less hits. These irons can hit between 180-260 yards but again this varies from golfer to golfer. The low loft of these clubs lets the ball go flying as opposed to high.

These irons can be quite troublesome to play with as the sweet spot can be difficult to find compared with higher lofted irons. It is very common to have these long irons replaced nowadays with hybrids or fairway woods.

The 5 iron is a fence sitter and by that I mean it doesn’t quite fit into the long irons and it doesn’t quite fit into the mid irons. The 5 iron is almost always replaced with a hybrid club – especially in female sets.

Mid Irons

These guys range from 5 to 7 and can get you 130-210 yards depending on your golfing abilities. Generally these irons would be used on the second shot of a par 4 or long par 3 hole.

A bit easier to hit and play with than the long irons these guys have a higher loft and more surface area to find that sweet spot. I personally love my 6 iron and have learnt to play it well!

Short Irons

These irons are fun to play with when you need that little bit extra distance that a pitching wedge won’t offer. These are the 8 and 9 irons and you can expect to hit between 130 and 150 yards again player dependent.┬áThese irons are the easier irons to play with.

Design of Irons

Irons are designed to have shorter shafts and small club heads. The head is generally large, flat and angled (depending on the number) and they are made from iron or steel material.

When to Use What?

When to use what iron is largely dependent on how far you are away from the green. The higher the number the higher loft and less distance you can expect to hit. After a few rounds you will come to know how far you can hit and with which iron. It really is about getting out there and trying them out.



Irons will be the game breaker or maker so understanding them is key to improving your golf game. After some practise or games you will soon know which irons are best for which situation. Like most sports practise makes perfect!

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