Tips to Increase your Drive Distance

Driver teeing off

I think it’s safe to say that everyone would appreciate a little extra distance when driving. There are different techniques and methods to try that can greatly improve your drive distance. In the following post I will explain a few things you can try out for yourself.

Tips to Increase your Drive

  • Stand slightly wider than you normally would. This will set a very stable base and allow for resistance in your backswing. Keep your legs solid the whole time.
  • Aim to place roughly 60% body weight onto your right side, or if you are left handed 60% on your left side.
  • Move the ball foward slightly – basically opposite the big toe is good.
  • Tee the ball up a little higher, but not too high otherwise you will drop kick it
  • Find a full shoulder rotation
  • Make sure your left shoulder goes over and across the right knee cap – opposite for left handed players
  • When you reach the top of your backswing use your body weight to propel your swing forward.
  • Doing a lot of upper body workouts can help a lot, a home bench press can help with just this.

Set Solid Foundations

With the right foundations you can really work to master the right or good fundamentals required for a solid golf swing. By setting up your body effectively you can definitely achieve greater distances.

Setting up should never be underestimated so take your time when you approach the tee. Golf is a closed skill meaning everything you do is purely in your control. As a result you need to have accuracy and consistency which can come from mastering your set up.

Each time you approach the tee follow the same set up and this will in grain it into your mind and body. You will begin to notice if things change when and if you don’t follow the right set up.

With the right foundations taking a swing allows you to transfer your weight evenly to provide maximum force. If you turn too much or not enough, your swing is going to suffer.

Focusing your attention on alignment and foundations will do wonders for your golf.

Work on your Strength AND Flexibility

Something as simple as improving your fitness, strength and flexibility can do more for your golf than finding a new and improved club.

You really do need shoulder flexibility so if you have tight shoulders and can’t make a full shoulder turn then you need to work on that. There are many different stretches you can do to increase your range of motion.

If you lack the mobility in the shoulders then your body will adjust elsewhere such as in the hips or movement in the legs. This directly relates to a loss in power and speed when swinging through.

Another great thing to do is improve you core strength. This applies to basically everything, not just golf. Setting deep, strong foundations is immensely valuable.


Improving your golf swing can be as simple as the adjustments listed above. They aren’t overly time consuming so try each one and see if you notice a difference. If you are still struggling then consider taking a lesson or watching golf videos on YouTube.

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